1. Storm

From the recording Haley Jonay

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They say every rose has its thorn
and every road has its bend
but if that were the case
then wouldn't we still be friends
It's been six months since
we've spoken last
no goodbyes you could
say that ended fast

I lie awake in my bed
memories of us crashing
through my head

Like a storm without any warning
before the rain washed everything we had
everything we made away
down the drain it forgot the pain
so now I'm left to sort through the debris
of you and me

Well you said your life was a tunnel
and I was the light at
the end
but slowly my light started fading
as the clouds started rolling in

Thunder rumbled in my ear
but losing you was my only fear


Well maybe some day lightning
will strike and you'll learn how
to swallow your pride
and apologize
because this ain't no game
of dead or alive it's a battle
between what's wrong or right