1. Lies

From the recording Haley Jonay

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I'm sitting back watching
your nose grow with every word
outta your mouth
a week ago those words would've
made my heart melt
but now when I hear you talk
all I hear is "blah blah blah"
and "blah" an "blah" and "blah"
and lies lies lies

So go ahead spin your web of lies
I promise you I won't believe them this time
sit on your liars throne throw your
sticks and your stones
they can't break me you're gonna hate me
you'll never shake me
with your lies

Well you dug your hole so
go ahead get in it
congrats my friend you did it
you did it
pulled a fast one right in front of my eyes
baby you got me you've had me you
have me hypnotized
with your lies lies lies


They say honesty's the best
policy but for you it's just another
rule to break
You act like this song doesn't
bother you cuz it gives you something
else to fake
but with God as my witness on this
very day from this moment forward
I will never ever let you make
a fool of me with your lies