1. In My Opinion

From the recording Haley Jonay

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There are vicious politician signs
around every block
All this mud slinging really
needs to stop
Why are we voting for people
acting like bullies

Two wrongs don't make a right
especially with the mean words you type
You say you want world peace
then you tear someone's life to pieces

Open your heart open your mind
all we need is peace and love
and everything would be alright just
la la la la la la la la la la la la

We could all use a dose of reality
but not the fake kind they
show on TV
No more Photoshop in the magazines
everyone is dazzling naturally
Don't h-a-t-e anyone
cuz we've all got the same
moon and sun
and definitely don't use the word
f-a-t because that's absurd
you are beautiful


Religion is great but so is love
never be too quick to judge
going to the chapel means nothing
if you're hating instead of loving
War is raging humans don't have
their rights
we can't turn our backs
can't close our eyes
across the seas or here at home
love who you love and love who you don't